Neuro Biohacking

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Neuro Biohacking is a term used to describe the many methods by which we can train our brains to become more efficient, happier, and healthier. It may involve forming everyday habits such as getting enough rest, exercising, and keeping the mind stimulated with puzzles and critical thinking exercises. People can engage in many different ways to improve their reflexes, memory, and coordination, or relieve symptoms of mental health disorders. What differentiates neuro biohacking from biohacking is that the practices are more involved with optimizing the brain and thinking patterns.

At NeuroZone, we help patients implement holistic methods of improving their mental states. By treating the mind and body as one, patients experience a multitude of benefits through the insights of neurofeedback, a series of treatments that monitor brain waves through qEEG brain mapping technology. Our 3 offices in Southern California are led by the skill and experience of

Erin Badour, B.A., BSC., M.S CCC-SLP, BCN, an expert in neurofeedback and board-certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).

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What is Neurofeedback?

With a qEEG brain map, neurofeedback specialists can gain a real-time understanding of brain function by measuring its electrical activity. During a qEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) test, your specialist will apply a cap to your head with connections to sensors/leads that will noninvasively record your brain activity. It will transmit the information onto a computer software program that interprets the electrical pulses as brainwaves. There are 3 types of brain waves that indicate different mental states:

  • Beta Waves are most present when the brain is in a focused, concentrated, and alert state.
  • Alpha Waves become the most prominent type of wave as the brain calms down from intense concentration.
  • Theta Waves are the most abundant during meditation and daydreaming.

Your neurofeedback specialist can then take this information and integrate it into your treatment plan. As one of the primary tools of neuro biohacking, most patients choose to utilize this information to better understand their mental health.

How Does Neurofeedback Treatment Work?

After understanding some of your needs and goals, your neurofeedback specialist will curate a treatment plan that implements qEEG brain map sessions. They may expose you to imagery, binaural beats, isochronic tones, and even immersive VR to help you work through your mind’s limitations. For example, those with an anxiety disorder benefit from mindfulness neurofeedback in which a specialist monitors your brainwaves as you are exposed to peaceful imagery and/or meditation guidance.

For generalized anxiety, a series of 15 to 30 sessions of alpha-theta training can be extremely helpful. It involves the goal of achieving relaxed, theta waves while using positive reinforcement to mitigate anxious thoughts. We stand by both of these methods as effective tools for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder. (1,2)

Neuro Biohacking Techniques

Neurofeedback is for everyone looking to improve the quality of their life, thoughts, and productivity– not just those with diagnosable disorders like anxiety. It is one tool used to measure the progress of neuro biohacking techniques such as:

  • Meditative breathing
  • The use of supplements that support cognitive health
  • Journaling
  • Sleeping/resting
  • Implementing specific exercise routines
  • Brain-training games
  • Alterations in diet, such as intermittent fasting

Though these methods work well for many individuals, you can gain vital information by tracking your progress with the help of neurofeedback and undergoing an associated neuro biohacking therapy that is right for you.

Benefits of Neuro Biohacking Treatments

  • Execution function training utilizes a computer program called Cogmed to improve decision-making skills, time management skills, and other capabilities related to executive functioning. This treatment centers around monitoring the frontal lobe, the area of the brain most responsible for higher thinking functions such as planning, motivation, reward, and judgment.
  • Sensory integration and sensory processing treatment involves the ILS program, a comprehensive therapy that integrates movement, language, and auditory stimulation of the vestibular system, the part of the brain that governs motor skills. This program can be used for those with sensory processing problems or those who would like to see improvements in their coordination, concentration, writing, socializing, and mental processing speed skills.
  • Attention training isn’t just designed for those with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but it can encourage more focus in patients who are consistently under the stress of juggling many tasks. It is a great therapy for those who have many responsibilities and need to sustain attention to each and every aspect of their lives. Training includes memory exercises and tracking subcortical (brain stem) functions with neurofeedback.
  • Memory training involves training the brain to store and retrieve working memories and long-term memories with the help of Cogmed, a computer program designed to train children and adults through brain exercises. The exercises do not teach the skills themselves, but they stimulate the brain to learn on its own.
  • Optimal performance training encourages patients to take better control of their brains and enhance their skills– optimizing creativity, fitness performance, musical ability, and more.
  • Audio-visual entrainment syncs your brainwaves with the program’s audio and visual stimuli. (3) It encourages your brain to emit more theta waves that promote a state of deep relaxation and calm dissociation.


Neurofeedback is not just for high-performing professionals; treatments are designed to be customizable and suitable for all kinds of people who want to challenge and grow their mental cognition. Whether you are a parent dealing with everyday stressors, a patient dealing with chronic brain fog from a recent illness, or someone struggling with their addiction- there is a solution out there for you. Those who suffer from a psychiatric disorder, epilepsy, or have a brain injury may need to avoid certain therapies like audio-visual entrainment. Your neurofeedback specialist will conduct a comprehensive overview of your medical history in order to avoid treatments that may not work for you.

Personal Consultation

By implementing lifestyle modifications and stress management techniques, we promote long-term brain health and resilience. Erin Badour, our esteemed neuro biohacking specialist at NeuroZone, brings a wealth of expertise and experience to her practice. As a speech-language pathologist, she combines her extensive knowledge in neuroscience, psychology, and neurotherapy to provide individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. If you are seeking to unlock your cognitive potential and improve your overall well-being, contact us at (424) 247-8193 (Redondo Beach) or (310) 821-3640 (Santa Monica or Playa Del Rey) to schedule a consultation with Erin Badour. You can also fill out our online contact form and a staff member will respond to you promptly.


Prior to every neurofeedback session, you should aim to get plenty of rest the night before. To progress faster in your treatment sessions, consider incorporating a daily aerobic activity that works well for your body. The mind benefits tremendously from aerobic exercise since it facilitates more blood flow to the brain. It also helps prevent cognitive decline and reduces the effects of brain injuries. (4)You should be sure to eat something prior to your session so you can fully focus on the exercises and stimuli.

Results of Neuro Biohacking

Whichever neuro biohacking techniques you choose to implement into your life, be sure to consult a medical professional to ensure that your practices are beneficial to your overall health. For example, some supplements to support mental health may negatively interact with your prescription medications. Our non-invasive neuro biohacking therapies, however, can be tailored to your exact needs. Besides the purely functional benefits you can expect, you can also reap the benefits of:

  • Better sleep
  • More positive thinking
  • More resilience against stress
  • Relief from anxiety and/or depression
  • Decreased sensory problems

Many patients require several sessions before they see the results of their chosen therapy.

Cost of Neuro Biohacking in Santa Monica, CA

The cost of neuro biohacking services will vary depending on the specific treatment or technique chosen and the individual needs of the patient. At NeuroZone, we offer a comprehensive range of neuro biohacking therapies designed to enhance cognitive function and lead to self-improvement in ways you have not experienced before.

Simply call our offices in Playa Del Rey or Santa Monica at (310) 821-3640 or Redondo Beach at (424) 247-8193, and you can begin your journey towards a more productive and peaceful life. Alternatively, feel free to reach out through our contact page. If you would like to learn more about our services before booking your first appointment, please read through our blog to find out what intrigues you.


How long does a qEEG session take?

An accurate reading of your brainwaves using qEEG takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Can neurofeedback therapies treat mental health disorders?

Neurofeedback-based therapies can treat symptoms related to brain injury, anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, OCD, communication disorders, executive dysfunctions, and even issues of phone addiction and other addictions. Neurofeedback treatments should not replace your primary form of treatment, but they can be used as a supplemental treatment.

Is neurofeedback brain mapping safe?

Neurofeedback utilizing qEEG brain mapping is perfectly safe since it only measures the electrical pulses of your brain, it does not emit anything into your scalp. It is made up of 19 electrodes that are used to pick up electrical activity in various areas of the brain.


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