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What is an Integrated Brain Systems Evaluation?

The Integrated Brain Systems Evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of the various neurodevelopmental and general cognitive and behavioral areas of function. Every brain is a complex puzzle of integrated systems which together make up an individual’s personality traits, behaviors, learning styles, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and emotional response patterns.

In order to determine the source of impairments in any of these areas, it is necessary to sort out the factors that may be influencing how the brain is working. At the center of this evaluation is the QEEG/Brain Map. Every client who comes to Neurozone for an integrated brain systems evaluation receives a brain map regardless of the condition being treated or the age of the client. As is the case for all measures, no single assessment tool should be used in isolation as a diagnostic tool. Instead, all methods are used in conjunction with other sources of information, including a detailed history, parent and/or teacher ratings, clinical interviews, performance test results, and, when possible, direct observation in multiple settings including the classroom.

There are 7 primary domains that we incorporate as part of the Integrated Brain Systems Evaluations. These 7 domains represent areas of neurodevelopmental or neurocognitive processes which are central to the diagnoses of learning disabilities, spectrum disorders, behavioral disorders and other cognitive disorders and delays.