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NeuroZone is simply magnificent.

5.0 stars - Written on September 23, 2019

I have two teenaged boys that participate in neuro feedback. My first phone call to NeuroZone was comforting. The staff was very response in scheduling a quick chat with Erin Badour that day. Erin patiently listened to the case histories, explained the process of Brain Mapping and neuro feedback, wanted to review previous testing preformed, and quickly scheduled the testing. She understood that my boys are highly intelligent and that each one has very unique circumstances that creates challenging roadblocks. My oldest son has Sensory Processing Disorder with a traumatic head injury that can exhibit as anger, anxiety, and depression. My youngest son has minor auditory processing difficulty that exhibits as ignoring his surroundings and not completing tasks. Because my sons are older, Erin explains to them how their brain works and why it is a challenge for them to accomplish certain tasks. My boys have responded positively to the process, and I can see the miraculous results. Thank you, NeuroZone.


I can’t recommend her services enough.

5.0 stars - Written on September 1, 2019

My son has struggled with impulse control and adhd symptoms for the past few years. A friend told me about Neurozone and the wonders it has worked for her child. I felt skeptical, but I trust her advice. I decided to give it a try. Before we were even half way through my son’s neuro protocol I could see a marked difference. He was able to finish his homework, write numbers correctly, less impulsive behaviors and able to communicate his feelings of frustration with words instead of as many tears and forced speech. I am so encouraged. Erin is amazing. She has helped me understand my son and the way his brain works. She is so good at what she does. Her love for her patients and passion for her work is very evident. I can’t recommend her services enough.


Best decision

5.0 stars - Written on August 21, 2019

Best decision I have made was bringing my daughter here. I can already see results and it’s only the beginning.


changed my life

5.0 stars - Written on June 6, 2019

This tech has changed my life, and I am so grateful to my friends at NeuroZone for facilitating this journey through Neuro feedback that has assisted in my healing process and management from ADD/ADHD among other things. I’ve used other facilities before that are few and far between that have this tech, and the expertises, training, and knowledge of the use and how this tech works at NeuroZone far exceeds what I’ve experienced with other companies. Erin Badour-Kayem and Stephanie are great and they make this experience enjoyable. I highly recommend NeuroZone for both adults who are challenged with ADD/ADHD, PTSD, memory issues as well as for children. Thanks NeuroZone!


We love NeuroZone

5.0 stars - Written on June 1, 2019

I cannot begin to say how grateful our family is for Erin and all she has done for our daughter! We were at our wits end trying to understand her zombie -like zone outs, mean spirited outbursts, and what seemed like unintelligent behavior when we knew that she is quite brilliant. Things weren’t adding up! There was nothing “wrong” with her according to doctors and traditional therapy just wasn’t working. I felt like I had tried everything, but I knew in my gut something was there. Erin helped us to see what was going on inside our daughter. She explained and helped us to see why these behaviors were happening. That alone gave me hope! After working with Erin consistently, we have seen enormous changes in our daughter’s behavior. She is so much more calm, less spacey, more kind, and much less antagonistic. She is so much more fun to be around! Erin has been a dream to work with. She is a compassionate listener, asking such wonderful questions to really understand our daughter and the dynamics in our family. She has encouraged me when I have felt so overwhelmed in parenting a difficult child. I have never felt so listened to and involved with a health practitioner! We are incredibly grateful. Also, I must give a shout out to Stephanie, Erin’s office assistant, who is always easy to get in touch with, helpful, and so fun to talk to. Making a long drive to get to their office doesn’t feel so bad! We love NeuroZone and have recommended them to multiple friends!


Neurofeedback alone helped increase N’s ACT scores by 25%… no extra prep classes and no extra studying…

5.0 stars - Written on April 18, 2018

I would like to thank Erin and Neurozone for their incredible guidance and help with my son who’s academics were a bit inconsistent. After going through intensive neurofeedback treatment (two to three times per week for a few months), he not only improved his overall performance and grades in high school, but his ACT college prep test scores increased by 4 points as well! This amazing result, which I attribute to the neurofeedback, has greatly increased his opportunities for college. Thank you Erin!


Overall Jessie is a much happier, more stable, focused child

5.0 stars - Written on April 5, 2018

My 12-year-old son struggles with attention and focus. He is very impulsive in the way he behaves, and as a result, he makes poor decisions and bad choices never thinking about the consequences of his actions. His emotionality fluctuates a great deal, and he has pretty bad mood swings with highly charged aggressive fits. His grades have dropped consistently over the last couple of years but this year has been the worst. Math and reading have become really tough for him this year. After several years of tutoring, therapy, and medication which haven’t worked we were ready to try something different. A friend of mine, who has a daughter with very similar as Jessie, told me about a new kind of therapy called neurofeedback. She said that her daughter completed several rounds of neurofeedback which were combined with other brain-based programs for memory, attention, and processing. It was the only thing that worked for her daughter to get her back on track. They recommended that we go to Neurozone Inc, which is where they went for there treatment.

Almost immediately we noticed improvements in Jessie’s emotional regulation and mood. He started having fewer mood swings, and the severity of the outbursts decreased significantly. His ability to focus and make better choices also improved within the first month of treatment. His teachers started commenting on the improvements they were noticing in school including better attention and focus in class, better test scores and overall that he seemed much more positive. They asked if he was taking medication to control his attention and we told them that he’d been trying a new kind of therapy called neurofeedback. They were surprised with how quickly things had changed with Jessie and were encouraged by the results they were seeing.

Overall Jessie is a much happier, more stable, focused child. His grades are improving, and for the first time, he is on track to make the honor roll. The treatment methods at Neurozone targeted the very specific needs that Jessie had. Without even working specifically on math or reading, both of these skills improved significantly. The treatment addressed all the underlying brain systems that were necessary for emotional balance, attention, processing, and memory. As a result, we saw widespread changes across all academic areas as well as all aspects of behavior and his ability to develop healthier relationships with his family and his peers.


Erin was an answer to my prayer

5.0 stars - Written on January 30, 2018

Erin was an answer to my prayer. My two children had been diagnosed as having processing disorders that we label as multiple forms of dyslexia and ADHD. Homeschooling, I accommodated their education as best as I could and used the corrective resources that were professionally recommended to me. Through those, I was able to teach them to read and they could barely write.

We were dealing with meltdowns from a 10-year-old in restaurants because he didn’t understand the menu- every time. We had much frustration on both sides because he couldn’t understand instructions. We would tell him his list, he’d repeat it back verbatim and then say he didn’t understand. He constantly said, “What” all the time. We even had his hearing checked. He could hear, but he couldn’t understand.

With our eldest son, he could read but he couldn’t communicate. He couldn’t handle any stress and often cried in public and ask him to do more than one thing at a time. Forget about it, he was a friendly kid but bullied in his short time in a classroom. The other kids could see that he was having a hard time, weak. With the onset of puberty, things got worse. At 14-year-olds and beginning High School, it became apparent to me, as his teacher, that he was not going to be able to graduate and that he would not succeed in life. He couldn’t physically write or go through the creative process. He also could not complete assignments. He would lose them, forget them or would not have the cognitive energy to get it done. As his parents, we found this heartbreaking and distressing. He could read, but he could not communicate. His thoughts and words were so out of sequence that nothing he said made sense. Pulling a clear thought out of his head was like pulling teeth. It finally got to the point that we would have to tell him “ I’m sorry, honey, but I just don’t understand you”. Before, Erin, there were meltdowns for both children, confusion and emotional exhaustion reigned. We lacked peace in our home and every task was like pushing a boulder through sand.

One day, I was told about Erin. I spoke with Erin with-in the first hour that I called. She answered my questions about their testing and various cognitive therapies that might be used. I was familiar with these concepts and programs since I had researched them for our home use. She explained to me the use of the EEG in testing. Also, I learned even more about the different sections of the brain and how they developed. She was able to tell me about how long treatment would be for each child and it was exactly that long. We decided to go ahead and do the testing that first week.
When our boys were done with their specialized evaluations, we learned that our impulsive 10-year-old did not have ADHD. He had an Auditory Processing Disorder. I still remember Erin saying, “He’s not being rude, he doesn’t realize your talking”. After three months of treatment, he could understand what was being said. He had no more meltdowns and was a joy to be with. I could sit him at the table for school and finish a complete subject in one sitting, much faster than before. Before I would have to split it up into 2 or 3 sessions and he would be standing or bouncing half-way into those just to make it through.

Our eldest one was significantly worse to start off, he did have ADHD. In fact, it was so bad that he couldn’t complete the test to get a baseline score. Overall, his numbers were all over the place. Some areas were barely functioning while others were working in overdrive. When we explained his interest in joining a Sheriff’s Explorer program, we were advised not to enroll him. He wouldn’t be able to succeed.

We started treatment later that fall and saw such improvement in the first couple of months in them, that at the end f the first session, we decided that my husband a deputy would continue working 70 hours a week to pay for it, and I would continue making the drive of 2+ hours of LA traffic 3 days a week. In that first session, our youngest scored saw an average increase of 10+ points. His phonemic processing went from 71 (low) to 114 (above average). His scores landed him in the above average to superior ranges. Our eldest saw an increase such last 15, 20 or 30 points. His ability to learn rose to nearly 50! By the end of the second session, our eldest was perfect. He could communicate, he had confidence, he aced his high school science course at the co-op that year. We saw an increase of at least 10 points across the board. His numbers were balanced, in that second session, still, his general intelligence quotient rose 11 points.

Long before we finish treatment in June of 2014, everyone noticed the changed in our kids, They’re maturity level went through the roof. Here is what our lives look like now.
Our youngest helps out with the toddlers at church, He taught himself how to play the drums and is now leading the youth group in worship service. After his treatment with Erin, he began training as a competitive gymnast. In his two years in the sport, he has advanced as far as he can go in each session, taking home many medals and qualifying for the 5 state regional competition both years. He is 2024 Olympic hopeful. He is a leader and A student, who loves skateboarding with his friends when he’s not at the gym. he is considerate and compassionate. He is NOT wrongfully on harmful medication that he would be because of his previous symptoms.

Our eldest is pursuing a career in law enforcement, third generation. He is an explorer at the same department his dad is. he has over 200 hundred hours of community service under his belt and attended the prestigious OCLEEA academy last winter. He is an A student who also serves at his church playing guitar for the youth group and the drug and alcohol recovery group. He also taught himself to play, he is currently in his second year as a Huntongton Beach Jr. Lifeguard. Last year, he finished the program with the range of Lieutenant. This year he is a safety aid, an elite group who assist the lifeguards, keeping the younger swimmers safe on the sand and in the water. He hopes to be employed as a lifeguard this next summer. He is currently employed as an instructor at the Australian swim school. When he’s not busy with any of those things, he’s training for triathlons.He’s competed in a super-sprint race, and this spring he competed in an Olympic length race. That’s more than 30 miles of travel with your legs in just over 3 hours, not bad for his first one. he has the discipline and follow through required that I don’t think he would have had without Erin. instead of feeling failure in High School, it looks like he’ll test out this fall at 17. He is NOT medicated just so he can cope with life and make it through the day.

You see, my kids aren’t just doing OK now, they are not even thriving, they are excelling in everything they do. We were barely surviving before treatment and I felt like we were sinking fast. We have peace in our home now and we don’t worry about our kids being able to function as healthy adults. They are all adjusted youth with a heart for their community. When I say that Erin changed our lives, it is not a hyperbole. The treatment they received at this clinic opened the door for my sons to use their God-given gifts to their fullest potential.

When I think of the years of not being able to have a coherent, frustration-free conversation with my sons, and where we are now, I still cry. We are so very grateful for the service we received and the blessing that Erin is.


We had a wonderful experience with Erin for our two 11-year-old children

5.0 stars - Written on January 30, 2018

We had a wonderful experience with Erin for our two 11-year-old children. They were always excited to go, and Erin made it so much fun that they never wanted to leave! We are so appreciative of the work they did to assist our children with neurological issues. We would still be clients today, but we moved out of range. I would recommend Erin to anyone who is struggling to balance out issues with the brain. It is a non-threatening experience, and our kids showed improvement throughout the time they were being treated.


The changes we saw, which were a direct result of treatment, were nothing short of amazing!

5.0 stars - Written on January 30, 2018

My son Chase Knyal received treatment from Erin in 2013 and lasted a few tears. Erin performs thorough testing to pinpoint specific areas where Chase was struggling. Erin shared the detailed test results with Chase’s dad and me and offered a plan for treatment. The treatment consisted of neurofeedback, language therapy just to name a few. We decided to move forward with the prescribed treatment and we are incredibly grateful we did. The changes we saw, which were a direct result of treatment, were nothing short of amazing!
The results of the retesting were helpful, but more importantly, we could see for ourselves that it was working during our everyday life with Chase. The treatment brought Chase to a place where slowly but surely, we could have an actual back and forth conversation with him. The socialization with people and kids his own age has strengthened incredibly and continues to do so. Additionally, Chase’s speech and reading skills have grown by leaps and bounds. In our opinion Erin and the therapy, she provided changed Chase’s life and our life together as a family. We are so grateful for the help we received from her.


Our family is thrilled we found Erin

5.0 stars - Written on January 30, 2018

Our family is thrilled we found Erin who is so patient, knowledgeable, and passionate about what she can accomplish. Our family had been held hostage by our 7-year-old daughter’s struggles, 45 minutes to get dressed, another 45 to put on shoes and her hair in a ponytail? Forget it!! Most days, she would be crying and screaming by the time we headed out the door to school. These very simple tasks was insurmountable and seemed emotionally torturous to her. Her deep frustration led to bad behavior, like hitting and throwing things. Her father, sister and I had tried everything, kindness, firmness, a reward system, shaming, praising, giving her words to help express her feelings, nothing worked. There was no currency we could cash in to help her with her issues. Her older sister had started to resent pure patience with her sister, and the interruption it was creating in her life.
A friend recommended Erin, two weeks after starting with Erin, our daughter was a different young lady. My husband and I asked each other “Is this possible”? “Two weeks and we have a different child”? After two weeks, our daughter was changing. She was calmer in her struggle and quieter. The physicality all but had stopped, we could hardly believe it. I can say today, with complete confidence, Erin changes and saved our lives. Our daughter has very little struggles she had before Erin and now she can get dressed and out the door in 15 minutes. I am a huge fan of Erin, she gave our daughter and our family a door to a whole new world, and it has been amazing.


From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to express how grateful I am for everything you have done

5.0 stars - Written on January 30, 2018

From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to express how grateful I (and everyone else in our family) am for everything you have done for Gracie. When I look back to when we started working with you guys, she was having 45-60-minute tantrums several times a day. We could barely leave the house, something so trivial as a trip to the store sometimes seemed impossible. It sounds dramatic, but you have given us our daughter back. There are not enough words to describe what you have done for Gracie, she has benefited so much from you guys, so thank you so much.


Her positive, cheerful attitude has made working with her over the past eight years very pleasant and successful

5.0 stars - Written on January 30, 2018

Our son has been a client of Erin since November of 2008. She confirmed a diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech and has been instrumental in helping our son make progress in his speech. When our son first started with Erin he was three years old and incapable of saying any words. Our son has made great progress since then and a great deal of this is due to Erin’s consistent, professional and patient help. Not only has she treated him in her office several times a week since 2008, but she has also written reports, attended I.E.P. meetings and has even taken the stand in court giving her expert testimonial on our son’s severe speech impediment.

Her positive, cheerful attitude has made working with her over the past eight years very pleasant and successful. Our son loves to go to “speech with Erin” and we are happy to take him. Erin was also instrumental in helping our daughter with her speech issues, which, although not as severe as our son’s, were still very concerning. It is largely due to Erin’s early intervention, that our daughter no longer needs speech therapy. Erin has consistently been straightforward, honest and caring for our family. She has not only helped jack with his articulation, she also works with him on his behavior, social interaction and using pragmatic language.